In order to effectively tackle Tramore’s ongoing litter problems, surveillance teams may have to be engaged and be remunerated through payment to them of half the income accruing from financial penalties imposed on culprits caught.
That emerged at the monthly meeting of Tramore Town Council, at which Town Manager Brian White spoke of the obvious need to enforce the litter laws more forcefully.
He said the litter scourge, despite great efforts by some parties, represented “a shocking indictment of some people’s conduct”.
Mr White added that the County Council might have to travel the route of engaging surveillance companies which were available on the basis of being paid 50 per cent of fines collected.
Cllr Blaise Hannigan informed colleagues that he sat for an hour at The Prom on a recent Sunday afternoon and conducted a survey which provided eye-opening results.
He said that of 163 people he observed passing, 82 dropped litter on the ground, 34 used street bins and the remainder did not appear to have any rubbish.
Cllr Joe Conway spoke to a man who, having seen a motorist take what appeared to be domestic rubbish from his car and putting it in a street bin, took the vehicle’s registration number and sifted through the dumped items. It emerged that the driver was from Callan in County Kilkenny.
That appeared to support Cllr Conway’s theory that many of the litter louts were visitors to the resort, although there was no doubt some locals were culpable as well.
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