The new ‘Waterford City, Ireland’ marketing initiative launched its first retail drive in Smithville, New Jersey, recently at an event that drew over 15,000 people.

Ballybricken International Brands, Ltd, based in Waterford City, owns the new trademarked retail concept of having ‘a shop within a shop’ of products and events that are strictly home grown in Waterford. Companies retain their own branding and identity under the licensed umbrella of Waterford City, Ireland, and a new ‘Three Ships’ logo identity within the US based retail store.

“When a customer shops a retail store in the United States, usually, there is a sea of tartan plaid and shades of green. Now, however, the Waterford City, Ireland, ‘shop within a shop’ is a beautiful, bright blue and white display with all participating companies exhibiting the new ‘Three Ships’ trademark logo and ribbon identifier on their product”, said John Moloney of Moloney International Ltd.

Moloney International Ltd is the exclusive marketing and distribution company for Ballybricken International Brands Ltd in the United States and Puerto Rico, USA. Two new products under the ‘Waterford City, Ireland’ umbrella were launched at the New Jersey event, ‘Seven Shades of Black’ by photographer Terry Murphy and Emerald Crystal. Other products previewed included Gallwey’s Irish Chocolates, Grann McCann hand knitwear and Fogarty’s wood turned home décor.