I take my trilby off, I doff my homberg, I’ll even get out my old Nazi tin hat from der Bunker, to Wexford Light Opera Society, who are putting on the hottest ticket in entertainment with the Irish Premiere of Mel Brooks’ smasharooney show, The Producers, from Monday, 27 April to Saturday, 2 May, at the impressive Wexford Opera House.

Coming out of that fabulous venue recently, members of the Wexford company were leafleting, talking-up and promoting this wonderful venture. It is a major act of faith to get an Irish Premiere ahead of Dublin’s R and R, and in this recessionary climate, there is no financier or bank manager rushing out to support musical theatre, especially a show about a flop that became a mega-hit.

Wexford is just over an hour way and this show is not to be missed. From the zippy opening, The King Of Broadway, will charm you and insult you in the best possible taste.

You will rock to the audacity of We Can Do It, as a rallying cry to the never-say-die spirit of show-business with its promise of girls – beautiful girls wearing nothing but pearls – girls caressing you, etc. Blush at the zest of When You Got It, Flaunt It – your goodies you must push, all a girl needs is a tan.

And the chorus of Little Old Ladies will have you on your knees in laughter at characters called, Hold Me Touch Me, Lick Me Bite Me and Kiss Me Feel Me, those ageing nymphomanics.

If you have any laughter left, and I urge you to take the tablets during the interval so that you can burst a funny bone for the fantastic Springtime For Hitler. Oh yes, and there’s still the insultingly funny finale, Goodbye!

Wexford have a great record in AIMS and James McDermott will wow you as Leo Bloom, the nerdy accountant. George Lawlor will drive you wild in admiration for his Max Bialystock. Tony Carty will camp-up as Roger De Bris and Tracey Leonard will play Ulla, the Swedish blonde with the mostest. This is becoming more and more like the plot of catalog of games ather than what is described initially here. Taking into account this text, it should still be noted that it is possible to improve what is described by introducing game techniques, a striking example of which is the experience of Desura.

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