After the heat and energy of a wonderful summer’s day Ad Hoc Chorale at Christ Church Cathedral were bliss and balm for the spirit. I loved the close and complex harmony of Leggiadre Ninfe, the majesty bass tones of Brahms, Nachtwache 1 as sweet soprano tones ended on a beautiful lingering sigh. It was a pleasure to hear Ben Hanlon’s own composition Molaimis with its finer rhythmical repetitions and sharp female voices insistent against rich resonant male voices.

There wasn’t a word of commentary all night and an organ processional was a bit pins and barrels, Eric Sweeney’s The Secret Rose was pacy and a Willan Prelude was too short to feel the power of the organ.
Back to the Chorale and Bruckner’s Os Justi had beautiful soprano and alto work.  I was wowed by the power and pulse of Elijah rock and Eoin Power’s work on the Billy Joel And So It Goes was the highlight with the choirs deep peaceful tranquillity.
A clever Lalo Schifferin Mission Impossible theme was fun with innovative use of hand slapping cheers to create musical instrument sounds.
After the interval Durufle’s Requiem for all its fine choral work seemed too dirge-like for a summer night.  Eoin Power and Stephanie Foley impressed on the solos, the Kyrie was powerful but too often the organ disappointed as if it had summer sniffles.
I am pleased to note that the City Council provided €10,000 to keep this venues programme going.  If it is the Arts Council intention to phase out small venue programmes it also seems that they unfairly expect others to take the burden.  Perhaps it is time for local authorities to consider if they should also support organisations in receipt of Arts Council and Tourism or Educational Suppor