De La Salle College Musical Society added to their excellent reputation for school shows, over thirty years of achievement and memorable moments. This year they selected a 2004 show – Back To The 80’s, a jukebox musical with Glee touches and they got a great director, a Glee devotee, Vicki Graham to direct.

Opening night was electric as the setting, using a Graffitti artist Kas brought back memories of Wham, Rubik’s Cube, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cyndi Lauper and Mr Miyagi. They also used two actual teachers from the staff to play two central characters and Derek McGrath as Mr Cocker and Jennifer White (who also choreographed) as Ms Brannigan.

They brought considerable talent and ability to the stage and kept their roles despite howls of banter, wolf whistles and lots of noisy applause. At a time, when I have seen professional actors stop and step out of character because of a mobile phone ringing out, these two performers just rocked on and it was great.

Adam Phelan as narrator moved the show along with ease and an excellent performance to add to his wonderful reputation.