Crystal Swing swung into the Theatre Royal last Friday as part of a national tour and confronted cynics and snarks with a showband experience full of energy and novelty moments. High on the momentum of becoming a viral sensation on You Tube, that attracted a Fáilte Ireland supported appearance on the Ellen de Generes, and with radio and Late Late Show exposure they had a national profile.

Attracting cynical as well as approving comments on blogs and social media, this Burke family have gone from an indifferent wedding and social band to a novelty sensation. On the evidence shown in The Royal, Crystal Swing will revitalise the showband nostalgia and bring in audiences.

A three piece, originally a mother on the keyboards, she was joined by teenage son and daughter and their own label single He Drinks Tequila and She Talks Dirty in Spanish. 80,000 hits in four days thanks to local radio plugs and they were an overnight sensation.

A new manager, Hugh Rogers, and a solid five piece showband behind them and they were off. Mom, Mary Murray-Burke seems fazed in the limelight but daughter Dervla, has a clean cut blonde image and a willowy style for country and Irish tunes. Son Derek, is something else, with an explosive, high-energy presence, dancing up a storm. He Hucklebucks like a young Bowyer and his rubber leg antics had the crowd screaming for more.

A Benny Hill theme intro, slipped into a sockerooney Amarillo and Little Arrows in white socks. Mom gave us Doris Day’s Ce Sera Sera and Dervla rocked to Shania Twain’s Feel Like a Woman. You might cringe at Mom’s Bridie Gallagher medley, or son and mom jiving for Wasn’t That a Party. I didn’t like a Joe Dolan medley or Eileen Reid’s Wedding Dress or Mom’s saccharine tribute to her husband – I Only Wanna Be With You.

I loved Derek’s high energy Galway Girl, Dervla’s Stop the World, even if she didn’t talk dirty in Spanish (Yo Senora, kiss my body, a brasa mi puerta, Ay, yi yi yi, hoochie-coo, to dal ay nochay.)

They rocked out just before eleven (great value) with a dynamic Bowyer medley that was a super finale to send us all home sweatin’.

An hour long support show featured the five piece band and two up and coming vocalists, Lisa McHugh from TG4’s Glor Tire and a Kildare singer Philip English. He impressed on Alvin Stardust’s The Clock on the Wall and McHugh showcased her talent with the Tommy Sands song There Were Roses and the Tammy Wynette hit, Good Girl Gonna Go Bad.