Canadian/Newfoundland artist Margaret Walsh Best and photographer Ray Fennelly are the international attraction at the Ecosystems Biodiversity exhibition – Balancing Act – at the Old Market House Arts Centre in Dungarvan.

Best’s detailed work in watercolours of flora and wildflowers all with Latin names is impressive. Fennelly’s long and large photo of a peninsula of weathered rock jutting out into the sea is a harsh but potent example of the indomitable spirit of those who made a home in that beautiful but raw landscape. Elsewhere in the gallery the colourful and imaginative almost collage style of Bríd Ní Chionnfhaloaidh brighten up the space and I particularly liked her Clothesline images. But her asking price seems steep in this difficult climate where money is in short supply. Irish artists Donna McNamara and Andrea Jameson complement the Newfoundland style.

The additional work of London born artist Trevor Wayman is attractive and the architectural or Tramore artist Bernie Kane is full of pleasing and subtle details on a heritage theme. The exhibition runs until 2nd October.