They processed down the central aisle at Christ Church Cathedral in their red robes, to a tambourine beat, (piano and two guitars) and Kilkenny Gospel Choir sang and swayed and clapped into the lives of their audience. They came to share, to enliven and enrich and delight and that they did in abundance.

There was probably too much introductory chat and it got a little preachy but there was that uplifting, heartfelt, emotional link as Every Time I Feel The Spirit and Gonna Lay Down My Burdens, caught the holy roller rock and roller mood of the sixties – ain’t gonna study war no more. Great harmonies and heartfelt solo work reminded me of Eva Cassidy, Iris De Ment and the power of Mahalia Jackson.

It seemed too early for the stand up and holler stuff but it got nice and happy clappy. The audience responded and it was call and response for Do Lord and the anthemic Swing Low Sweet Chariot and a beautiful Because He Lives with a good lead voice took the work, at the Coffee Concert, into a more soulful plane. Open Our Eyes Lord was a modern song, with a beautiful solo line that was memorable. Somebody’s Prayin’ was a highlight with its soulful reflective message and Heaven Is In My Heart returned the choir and audience to a rousing, almost dancing, Everytime I Feel The Spirit.

Lynn Cahill must bring this Kilkenny Gospel Choir back again in the Autumn.