De La Salle College celebrated their 30 year anniversary school show with a rocking version of Little Shop Of Horrors, directed by Gary Power who, once upon a time, as a naïve sixteen year old, was a cast member. He represents the golden age of college shows and he has lost none of his love and vigour for the occasion.

Many past pupils saw the annual show as the highlight of their time in De La Salle and I was lucky to have a small involvement with some of those shows and students. I was in one and I won a Festival Make-up Award for another. The organisers always set high standards and worked hard to achieve success and this is as evident today as thirty years ago.

A large chorus, on a cramped set, just rocked the roof with big numbers like Skid Row and Somewhere That’s Green as well as the powerful title song.

At this stage I must mention Sean Brett as his name was inadvertently omitted from the programme.

Throughout the show the vocal work of Denver Cass (Chiffon), Sinead Lyons (Ronette) and Chloe McGrath (Crystal) added a glamorous touch to the overall impact. Ray Collins voiced the Plant and Andrew Cody menaced as the semi-sadist, dentist, Orin. Adam Phelan was an impressive Seymour and Ann O’Riordan, once again, swept me away with a ditsy Audrey. They had rapport and tenderness in their love songs and hopeful moments.

But it was the excellent acting and dramatic performance of Glenn Murphy as the aging Mushwik that was most memorable.

Richard Coady was Musical Director and Vicki Graham was an excellent choreographer who made fine use of a too small dancing area. Paul Browne lit the show with verve and created some wonderful cameo moments.