Credit where credit is due and lots of credit to Caroline Senior and her crew at Garter Lane for bringing that classic ghost story, The Woman In Black, to the Lane in all its scary, nervy content. This Stephen Mallatratt adaptation of a Susan Hill novel is still running at the West End of London.

It was a dark wet atmospheric night as the audience gathered for a two-hander telling of a classic ghost story, set in an almost clichéd island joined by a causeway accessible at low tide and you could feel the tension.

When the eponymous ghost slipped past me in the auditorium, it was the real scary deal and at the interval there was no applause or movement as the audience sat in the light, expecting another thrill or a shock. Great theatre.

Unfolding like a Sherlock Holmes story, this play tells of a young solicitor who goes to an acting coach to learn the skills to tell his story of meeting a ghost and in a wonderful theatrical way, the lines between solicitor and coach are blurred, to add another scary dimension to the tale. The audience cannot but be dragged into the story and like the modern Japanese shocker, The Ring, there is no good in store for those who view that video, etcetera.

While I expected a more impressive set, and at times the direction by Michael Scott seemed to drag, but I wanted the plot to unfold quicker too. The two actors, Simon Coury and David O’Meara were impressive and as expected the Woman was uncredited.

The lighting and the all-round the venue sound system was excellent and added another scary layer to the story in this darkening month of October.