The dirty state of Tramore’s beach left a local public representative red faced in front of visiting delegates to a conference in the resort.
Town Councillor Pat Finnerty said that, to avoid further embarrassment, he cut short a walk on the beach last week after meeting a couple of groups who voiced dismay at its condition. It was a disgrace, he said.
The delegates were attending a Wetlands Conference in the Majestic Hotel and Cllr Finnerty made the comments at the Town Council’s monthly meeting on Monday night.
Cllr Lola O’Sullivan said she blamed visitors for the mess. She agreed the beach was ‘horrendously filthy’ with items such as dirty nappies in evidence but she maintained locals had sufficient respect for the precious facility not to leave their rubbish strewn there.
Frustrated with the situation, she said she didn’t know what could be done to force the perpetrators to behave themselves but naming and shaming anybody convicted of litter offences might have some effect.
She appealed to traders in the vicinity to allocate one staff member to spend an hour clearing rubbish from the beach each weekend. The local Chamber of Commerce could be contacted in that regard, she suggested.
Cllr Blaise Hannigan said people wouldn’t behave in such an objectionable manner when holidaying on the continent but they had no difficulty doing so on their own doorstep.
‘Ghosts’ toppling bins
On a related subject, Cllr Joe O’Shea asked that bins around the town be secured to the ground so that ‘kids full of beer’ couldn’t topple them over, spilling their contents onto the streets. It happened every weekend, he said, with Main Street particularly targeted.
The Councillor said he had endeavoured to catch somebody in the act but had not yet succeeded. “They appear like ghosts in the night”, he commented. Cllr O’Sullivan confirmed that CCTV cameras, limited in their range, had also failed to pinpoint the culprits.
Town Manager Brian White undertook to examine the possibility of securing the bins and also said he would get in touch with the gardai on the matter.