A person associated with the tourism industry told The Munster Express that Tramore, if business interests put their minds to it, could become the Las Vegas of Ireland as far as civil marriages were concerned.

“We even have the original and best Elvis Presley tribute artiste in Rocky Mills resident in the resort and, like Las Vegas, we could have an Elvis ‘Chapel of Love’ facility for those that way inclined”, said the business person.

The remarks were prompted by comments at the November meeting of Tramore Town Council which was urged by one of its members to facilitate civil marriage ceremonies within the local Civic Offices. “It could be very lucrative for the town”, said Cllr Pat Finnerty when he tabled a proposal to that effect.

He said such facilities were available in Waterford and Dungarvan and Tramore was losing out by not keeping pace. Because of the numbers who visited the resort there could be significant demand and the resultant celebrations and bed nights for guests as well as the participating couples would generate considerable income, he maintained. A standing charge of €100 per ceremony would also accrue.

Town Manager Mr Brian White said that although he felt the matter was worth pursuing, he knew from the Dungarvan experience that there were no windfalls to be had as a consequence. The cost of additional maintenance and staff also had to be included in the equation.

But Cllr Finnerty was not deterred. He said that, as things stood, with civil and second marriages becoming more commonplace, many couples from all over Ireland headed for Dublin to wed. It was reasonable to assume that due to the number of tourists attracted to Tramore, a certain percentage of such couples would be among the visitors and they could well be inspired to tie the knot while holidaying there.

“We can make it lucrative”, he insisted. “The hotels and pubs could get involved in promotion and the new Tramore website could also engage in advertising”.

Cllr Blaise Hannigan thought it was a great idea from which the town would definitely benefit economically.

The Manager agreed to investigate the possibilities and report back to the Council.