Frustrated parents of Gael Scoil pupils in Tramore have vented their anger at the local Town Council over its failure to deliver a pedestrian crossing outside the school to help ensure their children’s safety.
A delegation of parents addressed the Council’s November meeting on Tuesday night and let it be known in no uncertain terms that having waited for the crossing for years they wanted urgent action. And that was what they were promised.
The School Parents Association Chairman, John Breen, said he had been given a commitment as far back as August of last year, while previous chairman Donagh Ward stated that the issue dated back to 2007, with nothing except hollow promises in the interim. “We’re fed up to the back teeth,” he declared, adding that there seemed to be a perception that the Gael Scoil parents were ‘too nice’. “That won’t be the case from now on,” he asserted.
A young mother issued a reminder that a child was killed while St Paul’s School in Waterford waited for such a facility and she enquired if the Council was willing to risk a similar fatality in Tramore before moving on the matter.
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