Concern has been voiced over an absence of air monitoring in Tramore, estimated to have nearly 1,500 asthma sufferers, especially because of the old landfill there, which is currently being rehabilitated.

Astonished to be informed that Waterford’s local authorities have no monitoring obligations and that the EPA has no stations in the county for testing purposes, former Town Mayor, Cllr Joe Conway, has demanded that a regime of monitoring be put in place.

“It would be catastrophic if an air pollution issue now emerged to replace the water-quality problem which is reported as solved”, he commented at the April meeting of Tramore Town Council.

In the context of the existence of the old landfill, he said that, anecdotally, there were growing reports of abrasive gas-like smells around parts of the beach area.


He was also worried that, two years ago, the EPA issued a report which stated that 25 pc of refuse in Ireland could not be accounted for – the conclusion being that it was either being dumped illegally or burned domestically.


He pointed out that asthma was the commonest chronic disease in childhood and the most common respiratory condition in Ireland. About one in eight of the population were sufferers, he said, rising to more than one in five among 13 and 14-year-olds.