Liam-Sheedy-headThe shock resignation of Liam Sheedy was only surprising in that it’s so rare for successful sportspeople to quit while they’re ahead.

Toppling Kilkenny was the ultimate goal and after three seasons and a seriously near-miss in his second tilt at the All-Ireland title, the likeable Portroe man took Tipperary to the promised land and silenced a few high-profile critics in the process.

Sixteen-hour days would be a big ask if you’d no family or non-hurling career. Davy Fitzgerald feels he can manage it – and even cope with a few other hurling jobs thrown in – but then, apart from his business interests and bringing up his son, he doesn’t have a job in the bad rep’ world of banking to juggle.

Sheedy and his selectors decided they couldn’t keep giving the huge commitment required to keep Tipp at the top so they left with their heads held high, having managed to be winners while making few if any enemies along the way. Not everyone can do a Brian Cody. It was a brave decision and – like Nickey English and Donal O’Grady – definitely the right one, I feel. Job done, thanks a million, move on. There’s never a right time to go, but the longer you stay on the greater the chances you’ll pick the wrong one, or rather than someone will choose it for you.