Lee-Westwood“It’s interesting how times have changed, where you can get to world number one without winning a Major. I’d won four Majors before I got to world number one and the fifth Major [of six] probably helped.”

So went Nick Faldo’s undisguised swipe at his compatriot Lee Westwood’s ascent to top of the top of the world rankings at Tiger Woods’ expense. It was typical of the man once nicknamed ‘Fold-o’ because of his inability to seal the deal but who went on to become arguably the game’s greatest grinder. But there’s no denying the truth that simple maths don’t make you the main man.

Still, it’s hardly Westwood’s fault that Woods, the long-time incumbent, who looked like remaining the top cat for as long as he liked, has, for wholly obvious and understandable reasons, stopped winning.

The Englishman (who I’d much rather on my Ryder Cup team than Tiger) has gone about his business weekend in, weekend out and eventually it all adds up to the point, or points, where he actually made the pinnacle with his feet up.

he real story of Westwood’s achievement is the lowly place from whence he came: 266th in the world seven years ago and a fate from which there seemed little prospect of escape.

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