“]“I say this with the utmost respect but he is one of those freaks of nature. “Tony has a couple of things going for him. He has a natural fitness that is there. So he is not the sort of fella that in January will have to lose a stone and a half. It is a bit easier for someone like that. He really just has to sharpen up. “He has two things going for him: one is that he is outstanding. Two is that he is looking for the Holy Grail.” [Martin Storey] After the nightmare on Leeside, during one of the worst drives home of all time, more than a few Waterford supporters probably thought ‘feck the next day’.
A few more of a similar disposition probably thought ‘why bother – we’re just going to get “bet” out the gate again anyway.’
In piques of upset, there are none among us who haven’t uttered something we later regret, and in time we often use those very comments to amuse ourselves.
Galway beckon in Sunday’s All-Ireland quarter-final. And while they’ve certainly got the Dublin reversal well and truly out of their system, they still have some way to go before they can be tagged as genuine MacCarthy Cup contenders.