A jobs stimulus plan funded by drawing monies from the National Pensions Reserve Fund (NPRF) ought to be a central plank of any economic recovery plan according to Waterford by-election candidate David Cullinane.
Speaking to The Munster Express, the Sinn Féin City Councillor said that the key component any recovery required – the people – appeared to have been sacrificed by a bank-obsessed Government.
“This isn’t about playing party politics, to be honest,” said Cllr Cullinane.
“I’m angry as a citizen of this country at what our Government is doing, ploughing tens of billions into the banking system while at the same time, openly suggesting that social welfare payments could be cut.”
He added: “When the Government isn’t talking about banking, all it seems to talk about is spending cuts. Well I for one would like to know where its jobs plan is.
“And where for that matter are any Government-sanctioned proposals that could inspire some confidence from foreign and direct investors to bring their resources and jobs into the country?
“Through a one-off transfer of €7 billion from the NPRF, which is in effect our national rainy day fund, we could stimulate economic growth and provide a starting point to deal with the staggering debt incurred by the Government through its bailing-out the banks.
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