The recent storm damage in Tramore could cost close  to €8 million to repair, according to a local expert.

January’s Town Council meeting heard from Area Engineer Ken Walsh that a cursory estimate put the cost initially at about €2.5 million, but he said the figure could treble that amount when a complete survey of the damage was completed.

He reported that  among the havoc caused by extreme weather conditions over the early days of the new year was an “unbelievable displacement of sand and gravel” in and around the sand dunes.

Following a full assessment of the overall situation, Mr Walsh said the estimated repair cost would be submitted to the Department of the Environment, but there was “no guarantee” of full compensation.

Mr Walsh, along with the County Council’s outdoor staff, received lavish praise from all of the councillors for their Trojan maintenance work, carried out literally in the eye of the storms over several days and nights.


or Blaise Hannigan led the plaudits in that regard, but he also appealed to motorists, in similar situations in the future, to obey traffic diversion signs – “which some did not do on this occasion”.


cillor Joe Conway said the people of Tramore were indebted to Mr Walsh and his crew for their prompt and effective response in “keeping the town operational in the aftermath of the storms