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Waterford Chamberwelc

omes very encouraging news for businesses in the City following last week’s Waterford City Council Annual Budget mee

ting at which the ARV for 2014 was passed by the Council at .252

Commercial ratepayers can now calculate their exact liability for 2014 and for a very significant number of businesses; the outcome will be a welcomed boost. This also positions Waterford as a real value proposition for potential new business or investment going forward which is positive and can help to drive the local economy.

Commenting on the ARV, Nick Donnelly Chamber CEO said: “This is excellent news for business in Waterford and great credit is due to City Council in

particular for the role they have played in delivering this significant reduction for commercial ratepayers. It was important as we engaged with the revaluation process here in Waterford to make sure that businesses were not crippled with additional cost and this has been delivered. Waterford Chamber has been in dialogue with the Mayor, City Manager and the City Council on how best to lower costs for businesses and indeed to concentrate on how all the key stakeholders in Waterford can focus on stimulating the local economy going forward. Following the recent success of the second Winterval Festival and now the delivery of a significantly lower ARV for the City, we believe there is real potential for Waterford in the short term to move forward”.