Tramore Town Councillor James McCartan wants the County Council to acquire an allocation of saplings from the Tree Council of Ireland and give them to residents associations and schools for planting in Tramore.

He said at the Town Council’s monthly meeting that a number of trees had been removed over the last few years and not replaced. The saplings, he said, would be available in two weeks time.

Town Clerk John O’Sullivan said the County Council was getting trees and he had been in touch with its environment section on the issue. Many of the saplings would require to be allowed mature in a nursery before planting.

Town Manager Brian White said the Co. Council was looking at increased tree planting countywide as part of its “green” strategy.

Storm defence breaches

Cllr McCartan warned of the consequences if storm defence breaches which had occurred at the back of the beach were not repaired. There could be a complete breakdown, he said, which would leave Riverstown Industrial Park under threat of flooding.