Mayor of Tramore Joe Conway said this week the town was on the cusp of a bright future. With numerous social, community and economic projects in the pipeline, the resort’s population is poised to enjoy better opportunities for advancement, employment and prosperity, he maintains.

“With so many towns throughout the country feeling the chill of economic slowdown, it is gratifying to see such cause for optimism in Tramore”, he commented, “particularly because we were so often left behind in the past when initiatives were commonplace for other centres”.

The Mayor was referring to the pending Tesco, Lidl and Dunnes Stores developments in the resort, as well as the fact that Waterford Leader Partnership is working towards a comprehensive community centre for the town. Also, with the local secondary schools set to amalgamate, the two “old” buildings will become vacant and he expects both to be put to good use for the benefit of the community. Furthermore, there are plans for a picturesque town park in the lakeside area.


There are contrasting views on the proposal to build a high quality golf complex at Garrarus and in that regard Mayor Conway has been criticised in some quarters for coming out in favour of the development, which he sees potentially as another major plus for the area.

In reference to the divergence of opinion on the subject, he said it was a barometer of democratic maturity that people cared enough about the future of their home town to contribute openly in a constructive way. “I welcome this openness and would hope that inclusive and respectful regard for opposing viewpoints will contribute to the growth of a mature, progressive and inclusive community”, he said.

“I hope and I will work steadfastly to ensure that Tramore continues to prosper and that our children will inherit from us in the future a town that is caring, inclusive, respectful and positive in its outlook and prosperity”, he concluded.