JasonHawkinsOnce again, a Christ Church Cathedral Coffee Concert, served up a fresh treat, with Jason Hawkins, a 19 year old piano virtuoso. This young and personable artist spoke to his audience and introduced his programme. He wowed and excited that audience with an explosion of energy and rapid fire finger-work and interpretation.

He opened with a churchy Bach Prelude and Fugue before impressing with a showy Schubert Sonata in A minor. Lots of attack and confidence with fine repeating motifs in the first Allegro. The Allegretto was measured and lyrical before an expressive and passionate Allegro Vivace.

A dramatic and turbulent Liszt Variations on a Bach theme and his was a fairground of fireworks as Hawkins ranged up and down the keyboard.

The familiar Chopin Polonaise took the virtuoso work to a greater level as he was near exhaustion with the wonderful energy he put into a glorious piece of music.

He exited to wonderful applause with a Scriabin Etude and surely this fine your pianist must be invited to New Ross next year.