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It’s that time of year again, when shops are suddenly stacked with cuddly toys sporting cutesy slogans, and retailers are trying to sell you everything from scented candles to themed socks in an effort for you to monetise the value of your love. Sigh! In spite of the commercialisation of the holiday, Feburary 14th has long been the traditional day to celebrate a bond with a significant other. Here are some guidelines on the best budget gifts for your special someone

Valentines Gifts
…For Her

Even is she says not to make a fuss, she definitely expects you to mark the occasion. Here are some suggestions for making her feel loved, ranging from cheep and cheerful to more costly courtship

€5-€30Valentines 1
If you’re looking to make little fuss, the traditional options for Valentines Day are fail safe winners. Treat her to flowers, chocolates or a glass of prosecco, or when all else fails, a sentimental card is still a worthy overture of affection.

If you’d like to more formally mark the occasion, dinner and drinks is a wonderful way to share the love. Many restaurants in Waterford are offering Valentines Day food and drink specials. Why not book her favourite restaurant or offer your love in the form of a themed, but delicious gin cocktail.

€80 plusfood-holiday-love-holidays

If you are hell bent on a hearty gesture, there are many more costly ways of making a special gesture. A luxury spa treatment would be an ideal way to make her feel prized and pampered, or a personal shopping experience would show her you consider her worthy of royal treatment. Alternatively a booking for lunch or afternoon tea with her girl squad would be a wonderful way of treating her to quality time with the other loves of her life.

Valentines Gifts
…For Him

Buying for men, at any occasion, is a trickier business. Even though he exudes a hardened manliness, he’s still soft at heart. Here are some ideas for showing how much he means to you on the day of luuurve

€5-€30vrat beer
The best way to a man’s heart is…through his stomach of course! Gather a collection of his favourite treats, sweet or savoury for him to dip into while he’s on the job or shouting for his team. Alternatively, if he prefers a stronger poison, consider a gift or artisan coffee or specialty craft beers to warm his heart and his tastebuds

The gift of an “experience” has become increasingly popular in recent years, with 45% of persons aged 18-24 saying they planned to give this gift for Valentine’s Day. Consider buying him tickets to a local comedy or music show or booking you both an outing such as a tour of the greenway or a night at the dogs.

€80 plussports pitch
If you plan on a special surprise for him this Valentine’s a special sport or music event could book you some serious brownie points. Tickets to a rugby game, a football match or golf tournament could be ideal or indeed passes to an upcoming music festival such as
Forbidden Fruit, Sea Sessions, or one of the many acts playing Live at the Marquee. If you really love him, you’ll also have the heart to suggest he take his best mate to the party with him, rather than his sweetheart.