The continuing controversy surrounding the salaries being paid to top RTÉ ‘stars’ has attracted much indignation.
In a country where the majority of workers have seen their incomes slashed, RTÉ’s top 10 earners were paid, altogether, almost €4 million in 2009, with Pat Kenny topping the list on €729,604.
While the figures are hardly measly, it seems the pay isn’t enough to cater for the living costs of the station’s top brass.
RTÉ stalwart Gay Byrne has defended his colleagues saying they deserve their salaries.
Mr Byrne has said that he himself suffered financially as a result of the recession – something which forced him to return to work for RTÉ once again this year.
On the same day Mr Byrne stood up for his colleagues, he was photographed strolling along Grafton Street laden down with Brown Thomas bags accompanied by his wife Kathleen.