ResavedPicA Ten-year-old Oisin Millea from Passage East is continuing to enjoy the unexpected  fame which has come his way. Oisin attracted international attention last October  when he found a message in a bottle after it washed up on the beach in the East  Waterford village. The message, which had travelled thousands of miles across the  Atlantic Ocean, had been sent by Canadian girls Charlaine Dalpé and Claudia  Garneau in 2004 when they were aged 12. The girls had included a message  (written in French) inside the bottle containing their names and a plea to contact  them if the bottle was ever discovered. Oisin discovered the message inside a  plastic 7Up bottle while walking on the beach in Passage East with his friends.  Following the worldwide media interested which the remarkable discovery  attracted, Oisin and his family were invited to Canada by Québec’s tourism minister Pascal Bérub.