Johnny High Powered Husband and Mary Whiz Kid Wife don’t believe they are doing anything wrong. In their view they pay good, hard earned, money for their cocaine and no doubt they have it delivered by someone who doesn’t, in their own opinion, look like a ‘scumbag’. The bottom line is that unless Johnny and Mary are personally flying to Columbia and doing a deal directly, then they have to accept that they are part of a chain. Putting aside the health risks, anyone taking cocaine that has been sourced on these shores, has to acknowledge their own personal responsibility and connection to crime and death. It is also very different to indulging in alcohol in that if I do fall ill after a bottle of beer at least there is a name and address on the label and I have a head start on knowing what I’ve actually taken.

If I buy something at a knock down price and have a pretty good idea that the goods are stolen, although I didn’t necessarily do the stealing I am feeding into that market and creating a demand. People are prosecuted for looking at and downloading child pornography for the exact same reasons. They may not be physically partaking in the sexual abuse of a child but by buying the images they are creating the market. Successful companies the world over only continue to make products that sell and these same laws of commerce govern the underworld. Stemming the demand is often more successful than cutting off the supply.

In a sense this probably supports the notion of legalising drugs. Proper legislation and not just decriminalisation might be seen in some quarters as the answer. Personally I wouldn’t have a problem with the legalisation of drugs because even if there was a small mountain of cocaine in my living room I would have little desire to touch it. However, there are plenty of twits out there who would abuse it, as they have done and are doing with alcohol and even food.