MainPicReaders may recall some years ago when it was reported that the ghost of a 19th century prostitute was not only haunting the Quay in Waterford city but attempting to proposition shocked by-passers. The woman was said to present herself in 19th century garb and was unusual (apart from being a ghost that is) in that she spoke a dialect known as Newgate Cant, a slang that was popular in urban areas at the time. Those that admitted to have encountered her claimed the air around her was extremely cold and her hands were like ice when she grabbed and groped them, usually in their private parts.

One taxi driver, whose car was parked outside The Munster Express, claimed he was standing outside his vehicle having a smoke at about 3am. “I was approached by a strangely dressed young woman and I couldn’t understand what she was saying to me. I suddenly felt very cold and when the woman put her hand around my neck it was so icy I thought I was going to faint.

“Her smile was horrible and her breath stank like nothing I have ever encountered and she only moved away when I said a little prayer. I was terrified,” he said. Well now, according to several people who have contacted us, the ghostly whore has struck again.