The extent of the squeeze on local authority staff, through the government-imposed ban on recruitment, was highlighted at the October meeting of Tramore Town Council when Town Manager Brian White revealed that numbers would be down by nearly 20 percent next year.
In the County Council’s planning department alone, staff numbers were down by eight since last year and the trend seemed set to continue downwards, he disclosed.
But planning applications are also significantly reduced in the current economic climate – by about 48pc – and indications are that a further dip is on the way.
The issue arose when Cllr Maxine Keoghan enquired about a training programme on offer to newly elected public representatives, of which she is one.
Her Fine Gael Party colleague Cllr Lola O’Sullivan informed her that County Council staff were changing so rapidly that the situation could be likened to a moveable feast.
Mr White said he would welcome from Cllr Keoghan indications as to the areas in which she was seeking advice, so that it could be used in devising a programme.