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Up went Nelson and down to Kilkenny!

There has been a lot of talk recently about the 50th anniversary of the blowing up of Nelson’s Pillar in Dublin and our colleagues in The Kilkenny People newspaper have solved the mystery of the monument’s long-lost plinth stones. Contrary to persistent rumours, the plinth stones were not lost in the commotion that followed the explosion [...]

Keep a tight hold on your milk-cans

According to reports, opportunistic thieves have found a new way of making money by stealing old-fashioned milk cans. The aluminum containers are disappearing at an increasing rate from farmyards and gardens all over the country. The value of the churns has increased of late because of their popularity as receptacles for displaying flowers at weddings. The containers [...]

A tale from the election trail!

A certain candidate in the general election was canvassing on the Dunmore Road one night before polling day. He knocked at a big, detached house and a little boy, aged about seven or eight, opened the door. To the amazement of the politician and his supporters, the child had a big cigar in one hand [...]

Birds that deliberately start fires

A bird of prey swoops low over a scrub fire in search of a meal.
ell, well, well. You can’t beat nature and all that jazz! You know those forest and bush fires that rage out of control in countries all over the world and even in Ireland to a lesser extent? Up to know the authorities have blamed careless people who light fires where they shouldn’t or those who don’t [...]

Farewell to the Beast of Listrolin

Disappeared from view: the famed Beast of Listrolin.
las and alack, it is highly likely that the magnificent Beast of Listrolin is no longer on the prowl. Following numerous sightings over a number of years in South Kilkenny and just over the river in parts of East Waterford, the mysterious black cat has simply disappeared. Sightings of the creature that caused so much excitement and [...]

The ‘Old Bog Road’ is no longer so far away

To be honest, I am a little surprised that there is such a fuss at the moment about the growing trend of funerals being streamed live across the world via the internet. Critics of the practice say it is in poor taste and even a little ghoulish while others say it is just another way of [...]

Where does all the stolen stuff go?

If anybody has ever wondered what happens to all the items that are stolen every week in this country, they might find a partial answer in the following. One evening last week, a Mercedes lorry was stopped by Garda and Revenue officers at Rosslare as it was about to board a ferry for Cherbourg. A search of [...]

New technology helps pirate radio

One of the new digital ‘shoebox size’ radio transmitters.
Many readers will remember the exciting days of pirate radio in this country when stations like the original WLRfm burst onto our airwaves with non-stop music and local talk. It was difficult enough to transmit back then as relatively large equipment and high terrain aerials were required. ow, technology has galloped forward and anybody with a computer [...]

Doomsday Clock remains at three minutes to midnight

The Doomsday Clock: just three minutes from midnight.
ver since the end of World War II, a group of distinguished scientists regularly discusses how close the world is to catastrophe, mainly through nuclear war. The method they devised was the Doomsday Clock and, when they began in 1947, they set the clock at seven minutes to midnight to symbolise our proximity to an apocalypse. Over [...]

One as bad as the other

Johnny and Mary were sleeping soundly when suddenly, at 3am, they were woken up by a loud noise outside their window. Mary, still half asleep, jumped out of bed and hissed at Johnny: “Quick, you’ve got to get out of here that must be my husband.” Johnny put on his underpants and carrying the rest [...]