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Tales of the Tellurians

Columnist and 'bit of a hippy' Caitlin Moran.
The buzzards are after your cats and dogs! A few years ago, on this page, I wrote about the steady spread of buzzards in a diagonal line across the country from Donegal to North Wexford where they were causing some problems. Now I have learned that the birds of prey have moved south of that trajectory into [...]

Sale of land once dubbed the ‘dearest’ in Ireland

Businessman Noel Frisby has purchased, for an undisclosed sum, what was once the ‘dearest land in Ireland’. Right: Des Purcell who first sold the land on behalf of the City Council in 2005 for a staggering €44 million.
Congratulations to Waterford businessman Noel Frisby on his purchase of 32 acres of prime land on the Outer Ring Road close to the Farronshoneen Community Centre and the nearby shopping stores of Tesco, Next, etc. In 2005, before the recession, the property in question was the subject of the most expensive land sale in Ireland [...]

Experience on the wane in journalism

The ‘Worlds of Journalism’ project is an international attempt to better understand the changes in the professional orientations of journalists as well as the conditions under which they operate. Academics in 70 countries are participating in the research project and the first results relating to this country were carried in The Irish Times last week. The article [...]

Beware handbag thieves in car parks

IT billionaire Yuri Milner and Professor Stephen Hawking at the launch of the multi-million ‘Breakthrough Starshot’ project.
Sometimes, these days, between the horror stories in the newspapers and on the radio people are almost be afraid to leave their homes. Of course, we cannot allow our lives to be governed by the gurriers and bullyboys and we should remember that by taking reasonable care and keeping our wits about us, we will be [...]

Being shaky about Shakespeare

or years, literary scientists have been anxious to exhume the remains of William Shakespeare from their resting place at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Stratford-Upon-Avon. They believe that forensic analyses would reveal much about the Bard and his life that is not known. However, whether it be superstition or not, nobody has yet had [...]

Half million views of Emily’s ‘Grace’

Britain’s Prince Andrew who was the subject of an infamous Munster Express April Fool hoax in 1982.
Elsewhere on this page is a tribute to the country music singer, Merle Haggard, who became a star after selling millions of records. Yet only a couple of weeks ago, on Easter Sunday, a young County Wexford singer called Emily Jane Furlong made a recording of a ballad that, at the time of writing, has exceeded [...]

Why we cry…

Gordon Ramsay: a hard man to please in the kitchen.
Have you ever wondered why we cry? Apparently, humans are the only creatures whose tears can be triggered by their feelings and for many years scientists have been trying to discover why. harles Darwin once declared emotional tears “purposeless” and nearly 150 years later, emotional crying remains one of the human body’s more confounding mysteries. The idea [...]

Human sacrifice in the jungle

Three lads from Waterford, all employees of a company on the city’s Industrial Park, decided to go trekking in the deepest jungle during their holidays. They walked for several days staying in local villages at night and everything was going well until the seventh morning when, to their surprise, they were surrounded by armed men as [...]

The landing of guns at Cheekpoint and Helvick

A British naval cruiser similar to the one sent to Tramore to intercept a ‘mysterious ship’ in July 1914.
A recent article in The Sunday Independent, reproduced from July 1914, has caused quite an amount of discussion locally. Under a heading that declared ‘Mysterious Ship Off Waterford’, the article tells of a small vessel sighted by coastguards off Tramore. Suspected by the authorities of carrying guns for the Irish Volunteers, a number of constables on bicycles [...]

Warning for lady drivers on the roads of Wexford

A word of warning this week to any woman who might have reason to be driving alone at night in the County Wexford area. There is no need for panic and no reason why you shouldn’t make your journey but please be vigilant and aware that criminals masquerading as Gardaí are targeting women driving alone at [...]