Bailout protest tents arrive on Quayside

An overview of the ‘Occupy Waterford’ campsite alongside the Clock Tower on The Quay.                                                                                                  | Photo: Noel Browne

An overview of the ‘Occupy Waterford’ campsite alongside the Clock Tower on The Quay. | Photo: Noel Browne

Waterford is the latest city in which an ‘Occupy’ anti-bailout camp has been established, with the movement pitching tents opposite the Clock Tower, directly opposite AIB Bank.

Signs have been affixed to various tents erected along the footpath and at the time of writing, a Gazebo was en route to the makeshift campsite.

The homemade signs held a common theme throughout – namely protecting the “99 per cent”, which has become a trademark figure for the movement to reference. Several comments against the EU/IMF bailout are also prominently displayed.

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3 Responses to “Bailout protest tents arrive on Quayside”

  1. rick Says:

    Guys this is only a local legal loophole freemen group having a bandwagon camp out under the occupy banner they have no affiliation with the real movement, just looking for attention, they are the .0099% after all…

  2. David Says:

    Rick have you proof of this?? I happen to be one of the ‘freemen’ group (I dislike the label we are are all free men and women after all)and I have gone down there to give support (not to protest) to the occupy lads over the last number of days. Freemen or Sovereigns do not protest they simply return any Alice in Wonderland demands made by the corporation that trades as the state back to them NO CONTRACT RETURN TO SENDER, I DO NOT RECOGNISE YOU, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR INTENT, IT IS NOT MY WILL OR WISH TO CONTRACT WITH YOU, NO ASSURED VALUE, NO LIABILITY, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED NONE WAIVED. You do this from the warmth of your own home not on a stormy quayside looking for attention as you say, do you really think people have left their homes to be cold and wet to have a bandwagon freeman camp? And have you yourself any affiliation with the REAL movement? I’m guessing not and that you just type in demoralising comments on the internet.

  3. Ian Dunphy Says:

    I an not part of the freemen movement and i am down camping and showing my support on to key. I am there cause i fell i have been robbed by the banking sector and government of this country and am standing up and maken my voice be counted so that my children can actually have a future and not a future where people living in tents across the world is not just a movement but a reality these will be peoples homes. What would you know rick sit behind your computer screen and blast ordinary decent people just trying to show there solidarity to the cause so when the day comes and you actually open you eyes and mind and see what is really going on around you. You will be more than welcome to come joins us as we stand for the 99% and it seems at the moment you stand for the 1% rick. OPEN YOU MIND

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