A Bilberry Goat.

A Bilberry Goat.

Concern has been expressed over attempts to allegedly privatise the Bilberry Goat Herd.

The famous goats, which live on Bilberry hill overlooking the city, have been looked after by the Bilberry Goat Heritage Trust for many years.

Members of the voluntary group are now opposing alleged attempts to privatise the herd by a local man who they claim has taken the herd into possession for his own “personal commercial use.”

However, businessman Martin Doyle, who has purchased the land on which the goats have traditionally grazed, claims to be the lawful owner of the herd.

Stating that he was first registered as the official herd keeper with the Department of Agriculture in 2005, Mr Doyle said he aims to protect the herd in order to create a viable community project with the potential to create local employment.