The British Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party, Theresa May, has purchased a house in Dunmore East as a holiday home for when she leaves office.Her husband, Philip May, has visited Dunmore East on at least four occasions in the last two months and the Prime Minister has viewed numerous photographs and videos of the property including one from the air taken by a photographer’s drone.
Apart from Downing Street, the couple’s main residence is in Maidenhead, Berkshire. However, both are sailing enthusiasts and are believed to have been seeking a holiday home in a seafaring community for some time. The news broke yesterday (Monday) and when contacted by The Munster Express, estate agent Des Purcell of Purcell Properties initially declined to comment. However, when it was pointed out to him that details of the sale were widely known in Dunmore East, Mr Purcell was a little more forthcoming. Confirming that a ‘fine house’ in Dunmore East had been sold by him to a person ‘with an international reputation’, he refused to name either the seller or purchaser but did say the property in question was ‘within easy walking distance of the village’.

Traditionally, former British prime ministers do not require heavy security and, even now, the Mays only use personal security when on government business. A Garda spokesperson said that if Mrs May was a regular visitor to Dunmore after leaving office, it was likely that local Gardaí would be alerted to her presence but that was all. “Over the years, lots of famous people have lived happily in Dunmore East and they have never been bothered by anybody,” added the spokesperson