Kilmurrin Cove saw a socially distanced community collaborative sand art event attended by local residents, families, Gardai and politicians on Sunday morning. The recently established Guardians of the Copper Coast Community group founded by Bonmahon resident and Labour Local Area Representative Michael Murphy and Copper Coast resident and local artist Sean Corcoran has seen much progress surrounding the issue of litter and refuse management on the Copper Coast.
Michael said “Our community has come together around the issues of refuse management and littering on the Copper Coast but it has become quite clear that the appetite for change will not stop there”.
The issue of speed and road safety is one that residents from across the Copper Coast have been raising and this was demonstrated by an excellent community event with the aim of bringing about positive actions. During an extremely challenging time in the world the community of the Copper Coast expressed hope with their sand art initiative. The event brought laughter and joy whilst also bringing action and discussion. Families gathered rockets to make features at the front of the message being crafted into the sand, children demonstrated their sand art skills and everyone joined together in unity in a circle in front of a message that meant something to all of them.
Michael Murphy has called on Waterford City and County Council to conduct a full speed review and to introduce necessary traffic calming measures through the villages of the Copper Coast. Speaking at the event Michael said “The speed in which drivers are travelling through our villages and passing our playgrounds is totally unacceptable. Based on the turnout and conversations being had here today it is now clear that the issue of speed across all villages and roads in the Copper Coast is a cause of real concern for people in our community and that we are not willing to stand by and watch anymore”
The Guardians of the Copper Coast’s community sand art campaign is asking drivers to “Slow Down on the Copper Coast” and was facilitated by co-founder Sean Corcoran in an engaging and enticing way. Michael Murphy had invited elected representatives from within the county asking for a collaborative cross party approach to solving the issue and supporting the calls he made. Deputy Matt Shanahan (IND), Cllr. Ger Barron (LAB), Cllr. John Pratt (LAB), Cllr. Seanie Power (FG), Cllr John O’ Leary (FF), Cllr. Jim Griffin (SF), Cllr. Susan Gallagher (GP), Tom Keith (GP) and Criostoir O Faolain (GP) were all in attendance presenting a fresh and open forum to tackle the issue of speed and road safety, a method that the group intends to use in all campaigns going forward.
Michael went on to say at the event that “We have invited local politicians and reps here today to express how serious we are about our concerns but to also demonstrate that we want to approach these issues proactively. It is clear to see by the turn out here on Kilmurrin Cove today that the community of the Copper Coast are serious about not only the beauty and sustainability of our environment, but also the safety of those who visit, please “Slow Down on the Copper Coast”.