The new roundabout at Slieverue on the N25 is causing “a great deal of distress to pedestrians,” according to Fine Gael local elections candidate Anne-Maria Irish.

People who routinely walk along the N25 from Rathpatrick to access the village are angered by the lack of consideration for pedestrians, she says. “On a daily basis, adults and children walk the route to go the local primary school, the shops, church, catch a bus, go to the sports grounds, attend local hostelries or indeed walk the route for health and leisure purposes.”

Responding to her representations on the matter, Tom Hartery, Project Liaison Officer with the Waterford By-Pass Project based at Newrath, gave assurances that the present situation would be rectified with the construction of a pathway from the old creamery to the Slieveure village roundabout.

Mr Hartery added that while this was not originally planned as part of the road works, due to the number of concerns raised, the pathway will be completed in the coming months to rectify the problem.

Anne-Maria is seeking a meeting between Mr Hartery and representatives from the local community to discuss the proposed pathway and crossing.

Further assurances were given that the access to Slieverue and the green space in front of the houses along the old N25 at the village will be planted in the autumn, together with other wide margins created in the area.