Waterford Airport is now back to normal after the major disruption caused by volcanic dust in the skies over Europe last week which saw airspace closed.
This upset many travel plans and thankfully now it is back to normal.
Flights resumed at Waterford Airport on Thursday last and all at the airport are happy to see life return to normal again.
Some visitors abroad were stuck for a week getting back from Spain and the Canary Islands. Those in the USA also faced long delays in their efforts to return home. Fortunately, the ferries to Britain and France rose to the occasion and got back many stranded people from various parts of Europe.

Baggage allowance

The baggage allowance has changed this week for Aer Arann with a rise of 5kg to 20kg. However, to compensate for this, there are now charges of €12 per bag or £12 at the airport. If booked on line the charge is €8. This means that Aer Arann is now like Aer Lingus and Ryanair with a baggage charge when before it had none. The amount however is lower.
If you want to carry a bag on board, you are limited to 7kg to be free. Any extra is charged at €7 a kilo so be careful. These extra charges hopefully might lead to some lower passenger fares as happened with Aer Lingus and Ryanair.