Liam Aylward, MEP, has called on the European Commission to urgently review the ban on liquids on airlines. Furthermore, he has called for increased funding and research into the new technologies for liquid screening.

“I understand that effective security measures are needed but is it really still necessary to ban liquids on airlines? A review of the current restrictions relating to liquids is required, given that these restrictions have been in place for a number of years.

“The Commission is saying that, by 2013, all liquids will be allowed again if technology allows for screening of liquids but I am calling on them to review this ban as quickly as they can and to make clear how they will deliver the technology and if necessary increasing the funding in this area”, said the South Kilkenny based MEP.

He said the requirement that passengers travelled only with containers of 100ml or less of liquids continued to make journeys extremely difficult. The restrictions led to long queues, loss of possessions and, in some cases, loss of purchases. Passengers were being forced to pay high prices for water and other beverages after security checkpoints”, pointed out Mr Aylward.”