Local Sinn Féin candidate, Cllr David Cullinane, has welcomed the Government’s intention to move the writs immediately for the by-elections in Waterford and Dublin South if it loses its Supreme Court appeal, writes Jamie O’Keeffe.

This, he said, “makes any action taken by Fine Gael against the Government irrelevant, as it will be the Supreme Court challenge against the High Court judgment in favour of Pearse Doherty [the Sinn Fein case] that will determine the holding of by-elections.”

He said Fine Gael’s “belated actions… to mount a similar court challenge [a hearing is scheduled for Nov 22] will be seen by an increasingly discerning public as no more than an opportunistic media stunt.”

Meanwhile, on the EU/IMF saga, Cllr Cullinane said “the credibility of the country is at stake due to the Government’s inept handling of the current economic crisis. What this State needs is a Government clear-out not an EU bailout”.