Following last week’s announcement that Nissan-Renault is to enter partnership with the ESB to develop electric models from both car manufacturers, and offer them for sale in Ireland by the end of 2010, Green Party candidate for Waterford County Council, Stan Nangle, has called on the Council to ensure that recharging points are located in Tramore as part of the project.

He said that as one of Ireland’s premier holiday destinations, Tramore had hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. As people began to purchase the electric vehicles they were going to need access to recharging points when they made long trips.

“Tramore has the opportunity to make sure it becomes a pioneer in this area, encouraging owners of EVs to visit the town safe in the knowledge that they can top up their batteries while there”, he pointed out.

At the launch of the €20 Million Nissan-Renault/ESB partnership last week, ESB chief executive Padraig McManus said the ESB would introduce fast-charging power points in most large towns within 12 months where EV owners could recharge their batteries within 15 minutes compared to the usual seven hours from domestic electricity sources.