The capacity of the water supply infrastructure in South Kilkenny will soon be significantly increased. Construction work on the upgrade to the South Kilkenny Water Supply scheme is due to be completed by mid July.

The most significant improvements are: A volume of 3,300m3 of water per day will now be available for use, primarily by industry at Belview and also for general use in South Kilkenny. Three groundwater production wells have been developed in Kilmacow. A water treatment plant and balancing tank is now located at Mullinabro. Two new 5,500m3 capacity reservoirs are now located at Ballinvoher,

A total of 12km of mains pipeline has been laid connecting all three locations.

This scheme will be of important strategic benefit to South Kilkenny. It will alleviate the pressure on the domestic supply which resulted in some water shortages over the past few years and will allow the development of industry in the Belview Industrial Park to take place, which will provide much need employment in the region.

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