“In that troubled part of our country (Northern Ireland), greater divisions existed and they were able to sit down together and work out an agreement. Are we now that bitter that we cannot do the same?”

– Munster Council secretary Pat Fitzgerald. As former Cork manager Donal O’Grady said when the third strike broke out, “Even Ian Paisley sat down with Martin McGuinness eventually.” GPA chief Dessie Farrell foresees such disputes becoming “more prevalent” – which isn’t so surprising considering who their chairman is.


“Louis Copeland wouldn’t put his worst suits in the window… if clubs want to be on TV, they should get into the Premier Division.”

– FAI League of Ireland director Fran Gavin reacts to the lack of domestic first division football in the package announced last week. He’s since apologised for any offence caused.


“That this is their best chance ever now of a Grand Slam.”

– Brent Pope after Tom McGurk wondered what Ireland would take from France’s Wales-flattering 21-16 win against the championship holders in Paris on Friday night. As the next evening showed, it’s easier said that done, mind.


“I’ll be the first to say if I stood on the first tee with Tiger, I would be intimidated because he has been a hero of mine for the past I don’t know how many years.”

– Rory McIlroy honestly discussing the face-off that never happened with Woods at the WGC matchplay. The Down teenager lost to eventual winner, former US Open champion Geoff Ogilvy, in the last eight.


“We are all throwing it away and the teams behind are a danger. But there is no answer to why our form has dipped; you’d be Jose Mourinho if you could solve that.”

– Recently re-signed Stephen Hunt of Reading (who haven’t scored in the league now for 450 minutes, in stark contrast to their early-season goal glut; maybe get Noel back in the team?) on the inability of leaders Wolves, Birmingham and themselves to push on since the start of the year. I thought himself and Jose weren’t mutual admirers?


“He must be a very confused individual. I was the manager of Dundee at the time.”

– Former Glasgow Rangers coach Archie Knox giving the lie to chef Gordon Ramsey’s claims that he was on the books at Ibrox and had even played first-team games, ’til Knox “dumped” him. Who’s been telling porkies?