“The people have spoken at grassroots level and it’s obvious democracy wasn’t working. It’s overwhelmingly in our favour. If they get their way, we will be back playing as soon as possible which is our end goal. Our main goal is to see democracy in Cork GAA. By not acting, the county board have awoken a sleeping giant in the clubs.”

– Cork 2008 hurling captain John Gardiner. See ya Gerald (could be a book in it). But can the bould Frank survive such a ‘clubbing’?



“It was all just for a bit of craic while we were travelling. I was going to shave it… but the lads said it would be a bad omen for the final.”


– Speedy Portumna forward Damien Hayes will be sporting a beard for their Paddy’s Day face-off with De La Salle, having not had a shave since leaving for a holiday in Australia on November 27. Damien… Omen… be afraid, be very afraid.


“Maybe if Torres had not been injured so much things would be different, but we cannot change the situation now. Everybody has players who get injured.”


– Rafa Benitez. And everyone else has a second striker. See Robbie scored again the weekend…



“The power struggle at Liverpool is like an episode of Shameless.”


– Mark Lawrenson on the tawdry events at Anfield.


“Nowadays we don’t get a fall of snow anymore, it’s the worst snow for 40 years. This is the worst recession ever and our club has just had its worst ever run of results. Who is going to fight against the negativity?”


– Middlesboro manager Gareth Southgate. The worst ‘Boro manager ever…? Sorry, forgot about Robbo. By the way after his team beat Liverpool the other week, Southgate suggested: “This win should give the players an unbelievable amount of belief.” Yes he did… believe it or not.


“We thought after the kick in the arse we got against Dublin that it would see the egos removed from some of the guys and get them back to terra firma. Galway aren’t as good as some people think they are. My job… is to try to get them up to where some fantasists in Galway think they should be. Galway have won under 21 titles the last couple of years by winning two matches – it’s flattering.”


– Manager John McIntyre after their “shocking”, “gutless” display against Kilkenny. ‘Babs’ Keating got the bullet for saying not a whole lot worse.


“I wouldn’t like to be in his position when she gets hold of him… Or maybe I would.”


– Sky Soccer Saturday anchorman Jeff Stelling on Cashley Cole’s plight when wife Cheryl arrives back from her charity trek on Mt Kilimanjaro.