“It’s not all about money. You have people sitting at home for days, I’ve seen people on the dole queues, out of work through no fault of their own and with their pride deeply hurt. We will be doing our level best to ensure that everybody can afford to go to our games. We’ll probably be going back to the great days of the flasks and sandwiches, with people maybe meeting up on the road and having the banter.”



– Munster GAA chairman Jimmy O’Gorman on the Council’s decision to freeze ticket prices in the province for the fourth straight year, as well as making more ‘midfield’ family tickets available. For those who can’t afford the trip to Thurles, Waterford’s June 14 meeting with Limerick will be shown live on RTÉ, by the way.


“I basically didn’t pick up a hurley for two or three weeks. It was the first time I’d done that in a long time. Physically and mentally, it’s draining… It is extremely difficult because it’s been a long year and mentally it’s hard to get your head around it and try to get going for the championship.”



– John Mullane on De La Salle’s understandably-sluggish start to the season barely a month after the last one ended.