The ‘man with the van’ is a phrase many of us are familiar with. He’s popped up in various guises and various vehicles over the years to take away that clapped out fridge, outdated bathroom suite, etc.

And given the fresher days of spring now happily upon us, the inclination to make that call may be a temptation. Well, say Waterford City Council, please think again and consider reusing and recycling options.

“Whether you rent a skip or a man with a van, you must check if the person collecting your waste has a permit to do so by asking to see their waste collection permit when they call to your door,” said Council Environment Officer Ella Ryan.

“Anyone with such a permit will be able to produce it, as they are obliged to carry a copy of it in all their collection vehicles.

She continued: “It is important that you are aware that you should not give waste to any individual or company that does not have a waste collection permit.

“Householders have a legal obligation to ensure that their waste collector has a collection permit. If you give your old items to someone without a permit, they may be dumped illegally on the roadside and you may be liable for prosecution.”