Is someone going to have to be killed on the Old Tramore Road before measures are taken to improve a route that ranks among the city’s most dangerous? That was the question raised by concerned City Councillors last week.
The section of road entering the Greenfield and Fairfield housing development, which also leads into a new childcare facility remains badly lit and without a footpath, said Labour’s Seamus Ryan.
With residents in nearby Cherrymount also making their concerns known, knowing that the road leading off the Couse Bridge Roundabout will ultimately be re-aligned no longer cuts mustard.
“Perhaps only the Lacken Road and the Abbey Road in Ferrybank compare with this section of road when it comes to the potential danger facing pedestrians there,” Cllr Ryan added.
“Before the long-awaited works proceed, is there any chance that a temporary footpath could be installed to prevent us from raising this issue again at Council in the light of a tragedy?”
The issue also irked Cllr Cha O’Neill (Ind), who referred to a 50-metre stretch of ditch on the route which, if removed, would greatly improve safety levels before the realignment works commence.
‘Not good enough’
In reply, City Council Director of Services for Transport Fergus Galvin said that a temporary footpath could not be provided, with Cllr O’Neill quickly riposting “that’s not good enough”.
Both Cllr Ryan and John Cummins (Fine Gael) were similarly peeved on the same, long-standing issue.
Said Cllr Cummins: “I’ve only been here since June, but the same answer has been given every time this valid, legitimate and pressing issue for that area has been raised.
“When will the ditch be removed? Will it take an accident to occur there for something to be done?”
Mr Galvin replied: “If I put a footpath out there in the morning, it would be literally ripped up in a matter of weeks.”
Offering his two cents, City Manager Michael Walsh said there was “no need for the use of emotive language” on Councillors’ behalf.
“If we could have bought the land in question two months ago, we would have,” he said.
“We are anxious to proceed with the works as promised on this road and have commenced CPO on the lands in the past few weeks but that in itself could take a few months.”
Mr Walsh added: “It is not for a want of trying on our behalf.”
Cllr O’Neill suggested that he and his Ward Three colleagues should approach the current owner of the land in question to see if some improvements can be made before the CPO kicks in.
Mr Galvin said he had no problems whatsoever with such an approach being made during the interim.
“The ditch is on a particularly bad bend on the road and we want it removed as a matter of urgency,” Cllr O’Neill stated.