FURTHER concerns have been expressed over two junctions on the N25 Waterford to Dungarvan road.
Cathaoirleach of the Comeragh District Cllr Liam Brazil (FG) said there had been “fierce feedback” in relation to recent road changes at Downey’s Cross near Lemybrien.
Highlighting the issue at the January Comeragh District meeting of Waterford City & County Council, Cllr Brazil warned that a fatality would occur if something wasn’t done.
He previously raised the issue on a number of occasions and expressed concerns over the new road layout at the junction.
Senior Engineer Pat McCarthy said the local authority had held discussions with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) in relation to the junction.
“TII have said they want to create uniformity across the national network in terms of how junctions are delineated,” he said.
Mr McCarthy added that there was a need to alert drivers to the change at the junction and said that ‘Junction Ahead Altered’ signs may be erected.
Meanwhile, Cllr John O’Leary (FF) once again raised concerns in relation to Carroll’s Cross junction and, in particular, the need for public lighting.
“Do you accept it’s a problem area or am I overstating it?” he asked.
In response, Mr McCarthy said the council was currently preparing this year’s road works programme.
He explained that he would bring the issue to TII in order to seek their view and in order to establish if funding was available.
“I would not hold out hope that we would get full public lighting,” he said.
“But certainly there are low cost works which can be carried out.”
Mr McCarthy added that the junction has had investment in the last number of years for various reasons.
He highlighted the “complex geometry” of the area.
“It is undoubtedly an area that requires special attention,” he said.