Dunmore Road residents, particularly those living in the Maypark Lane area, are avidly examining the planning process following Glanbia Estates Ltd’s application to build a residential development on the former Snowcream liquid milk depot.

Several residents said they expected the application to be controversial because the application is for 40 two-storey, detached and terraced houses with all the associated works to include the provision of two new site entrances off Maypark Lane. Internal access roads, landscaping and the reinstatement of an existing pond are all part of the proposal.

The attitude of the City’s Planning Department to the proposal is not yet known but, even if it was favourable, public opinion will probably determine the outcome because the site is not zoned residential and it would require a material contravention of the City’s Development Plan before any building could take place. Normally, planning is an executive function but, in this case, only the fifteen elected councillors can decide whether or not to agree to a change of usage for the site.

None of the councillors approached were willing to comment at this stage and it is clear they are gauging public reaction to the proposal due to the thousands of votes in that area.