Waterford County Council’s design proposals to upgrade and expand the water supply infrastructure in Faithlegg and surrounding areas have been approved by Environment Minister John Gormley.

The Faithlegg Water Supply Scheme is to receive €2.1m under his Department’s Water Services Investment Programme 2007-2009.

The County Council proposes to undertake an extensive programme of works to improve the water supply to Faithlegg and surrounding areas including Crooke, Cheekpoint, Killea and Passage East.

The scheme will involve the construction of two new reservoirs at Cheekpoint Hill and Foilaun, construction of a new pumping station at Faithlegg, as well as upgrading some 10 kilometres of mains in the existing distribution networks.

“When completed, the scheme will ensure that Faithlegg and surrounding areas will have a modern water supply infrastructure to meet current demands and cater for future residential and commercial development in the area for years to come,” the Minister said.

The Council can now prepare the contract documents with the view to seeking tenders at the earliest possible date. “Given the importance of the scheme locally,” said the Minister, “I will be urging the Council to press ahead with preparation of the contract documents as soon as possible.”