So there were 35,000-and-something at the match, eh? And where might the other 20,000 have fitted in to fill the stadium to its capacity? The Killinan End Terrace was pretty sparse alright, but c’mon. Despots have (allegedly) held more reliable counts at election time.

Having apologised for the ructions over the final venue, the Waterford County Board complained that their cut from the Munster Council would only amount to a couple of grand. In attempting to make up the shortfall they effectively put a €5 levy on tickets for last Sunday, so the Munster Council’s decision to take a fiver off admission to the replay is hardly going to make much off a difference. Why couldn’t they have made it half-price, seeing as every cent they get is going to be a bonus anyway?

The money and the timing could well wipe another 10,000 off the attendance. The Waterford support is significantly down in general. The economic crash has forced many families to think twice. Loyalty, unfortunately, does come at a price and some people genuinely can’t afford the day out. No blame, such is life.

But when John Mullane came out before the semi-final against Clare and denounced the cost of going to games he was politely told to get his facts right by the GAA’s top brass. The empty spaces speak for themselves. And if the turnstile returns are to be believed 20,000 voted with their feet for what was rightly billed as an unmissable Munster final. Even half that is too many.