Waterford has been identified as having a high prevalence of gas meter tampering.
Bord Gáis has detected more than 500 cases of gas meter tampering throughout Ireland since September 2013, with confirmed cases in Waterford, Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Cork and Louth.
The company has been actively engaged in identifying and making safe installations where tampering has been found and is aiming to raise awareness of the dangers of tampering.
Bord Gáis has received a number of tip-offs from concerned members of the public and is keen for this trend to continue.
“Tampering with a gas meter is a serious public safety concern,” said Owen Wilson, Head of Safety with Bord Gáis Networks.
“By tampering with a meter, people are not just putting their own safety at risk, but the safety of their families, neighbours and the general public. The consequences could be costly or even fatal.”
He added: “By law, only Bord Gáis Networks representatives are authorised to work on natural gas meters and it is illegal to ask, pay or allow someone else to tamper with your meter.”
Bord Gáis Networks has launched a nationwide public awareness campaign aimed at highlighting the serious safety issues posed by the rise of natural gas meter tampering in Ireland.
Members of the public are encouraged to confidentially report suspected or known cases of tampering to the grid operator on 1850-200-694.